New excavation around the tomb of Richard III

New excavation around the tomb of Richard III

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The place where it was found the body of Richard III It will be, for a month, the excavation area where archaeologists will try to find more clues about the medieval convent originally found.

The work will be carried out by a team from the University of Leicester who intend to find more details about the burial of Richard III, on the architecture of the church, remains of a group of friars beheaded by Henry IV in the 15th century and even of a medieval knight who may have been the mayor of Leicester.

The reason that led to the hanging of the friars was that their objective was to overthrow Henry IV, successor to Richard II, so they were called to London where they were beheaded. The story goes that their heads were hung on a London bridge while their bodies were transferred to this church.

They will excavate around the area where Ricardo's body was found, located between the Leicester City Hall Gris Frailes car park and the neighboring car park of the old Newton Alderman School, where they hope the northwestern part of the church will be located. Initially, modern machinery will be used to separate the large accumulations of earth and later they will carry out a manual finishing in such a way that the structures that can be located are not damaged.

Visitors who wish to observe the course of the excavations will be able to do so thanks to a platform that will be built in the courtyard of the former councilor Newton School, which is accessed from St. Martins.

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