La Rochelle ravaged by fire

La Rochelle ravaged by fire

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La Rochelle, a combination of Gothic and Renaissance art, was the victim of a fire that took away parts belonging to the 15th century and that lasted from 2:00 pm on Friday until 5:00 am on Saturday.

A hundred people were evicted from the building and only one firefighter was hospitalized due to smoke inhalation. But nevertheless, the building has been heavily damaged the most affected being the wooden floor of the banquet room. Mayor Maxime has reported that the recovery efforts will take at least two or three years and a great deal of money.

Despite everything, most of the art and historical objects that were inside the building could be rescued in time, including one death mask of Henry IV, the first seal of the city from the year 1199 and the mayor's chair dating from 1628.

The start of fire It seems to have been in a file room located on the second floor, the origin of which could be a short circuit, but much information is still unknown.

The building was built in order to house inside the city government which has remained there for eight centuries. The galleries, roofs, towers and battlements typical of a castle have made it one of the most beautiful buildings in France both for its design and its history.

Among the events that have had the city as a protagonist, we must highlight the moment in which it was besieged between the years 1572-1573, remaining until the Edict of Boulogne known as the Peace of La Rochelle, which managed to stop a continuous war in July 1573.

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