An Achaemenid site discovered near Persepolis

An Achaemenid site discovered near Persepolis

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A team of Iranian and Italian archaeologists in a joint exploration has discovered in their third year of excavations near Persepolis, a construction that belongs to the Achaemenid period. According to archaeologists, the building was probably built in the time of Cyrus the Great.

Alireza Asgari Chavardy, head of the Iranian discovery team, assured in CHN that “During the archaeological excavations carried out by the Italian team in Persepolis, we discovered in Parseh an impressive building that belongs to the first generations of Achaemenid kings in Fras. The dimensions of the building are at least 33 by 33 meters with thousands of glazed bricks”.

Furthermore, Chavardy added, “The thickness of the building's walls is 10 meters. A discovery of such magnitude, consistency and number of glazed bricks in the Fars region is unprecedented.”. These glazed bricks with animal motifs and scenes of nature give special importance to the find.

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