The repair project of the southern wall of the Acropolis is authorized

The repair project of the southern wall of the Acropolis is authorized

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In 2012, a torrent of rain partially damaged the southern area of ​​the wall of the Acropolis of AthensThus, the Central Council of Archeology of Greece, the main responsibility for the care of the country's heritage, authorized a preliminary study of the damage to proceed with its restoration.

Last Tuesday, January 7, the results of said study, drawn up by the engineer and architect Anthee Hatziapa, were presented to the Board of Directors. The Acropolis Restoration Service and the aforementioned architect designed a project in which it was specified that most of the repairs should focus on the walls added during Ottoman times.

Experts have also pointed out that part of the damage caused comes from yesteryear and occurred in the 90s due to water leaks due to failures in the sewage system, a disaster that ended the life of an old museum on top of the Acropolis, which in 2009 was rebuilt at the foot of the hill.

The teacher Charalambous Bouras, director of the Committee for the Conservation of the Monuments of the Acropolis, has declared that this restoration process already has “green light”To be carried out and that the continuous rains have prevented its previous start-up, adding that the repairs will have to be applied in the future also to the north wing of the wall of the famous Athenian monumental complex.

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