The legend of Jimena Blázquez, the savior of Ávila

The legend of Jimena Blázquez, the savior of Ávila

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Count one Avila legend, of those that for some are as true as they breathe and for others as implausible as that it can rain wine, that in the Middle Ages, between constant fights against the Arabs and the confrontations of the kingdoms of León and Castile, the inaccessible wall of Ávila.

So impregnable that it could only be defeated if it was besieged for a long time or there was a time when those who defended it lowered their guard.

It was the second possibility that was presented to an Arab battalion, since the Avila troops were forced to leave for the Port of Menga, and with them all those men who were in a position to lift a weapon.

Defenseless, the governor of Ávila, Jimena Blázquez, sees it impossible to request help and that in the event that it is notified, that it arrives on time. As a solution, gathers all the women and makes them dress as soldiers, placing them along the wall to make them visible to Muslims. They shouted and blew war trumpets, and they say that Jimena herself participated from the Puerta de San Vicente.

[Tweet «Jimena Blázquez ordered women to dress as soldiers to deceive Muslims and thus save Ávila»]

Before that display of power and seeing that the walls were still very well protected, Muslims didn't even try to besiege them, if not that they left. Jimena had saved the city.

Since then, Avila women were able to participate in the Town Hall meetings.

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