Qhapaq Ñan could be in danger

Qhapaq Ñan could be in danger

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Just five months ago Qhapaq Ñan, a prehispanic network of roads in Peru It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, being a great witness to one of the largest and most important public infrastructures left by the Inca civilization after its existence.

Its history dates back more than 10,000 years in the Andes and it was an important means of communication between different localities in many areas of this vast territory. What he does not want to happen again is that, as happened with other sites of archaeological importance such as Chan Chan, its status as a World Heritage Site is withdrawn.

Due to the reigning crisis throughout the world, where Peru has also been affected, not only is there no money, but they lack human resources equipped with sufficient preparation to conserve Qhapaq Ñan, which can endanger all this historical route of great archaeological importance.

As in many cases, this staff shortage has a direct impact on many of the important historical remains, not only from countries like Peru but from any other country. They have seen, and surely will see, how some of its great historical-archaeological treasures gradually crumble if no one does anything in this repeated situation.

Peru needs great professionals, highly qualified personnel to conserve and study its great treasures, you cannot ignore the help that places like Qhapac Ñan but many others. Because Peru is much more than Machu Picchu or the Nazca lines, Peru itself is an archaeological site of incalculable value that is in danger of disappearing step by step.

Faced with this situation, a group of students from the archeology school of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, have launched ARKEOINNOVA, an initiative that aims to solve in a certain way the great problems that the Andean country faces in relation to archeology.

A work planning based on different programs and projects has been designed to safeguard the importance of Qhapaq Ñan through good preparation. Training and training workshops will be carried out in relation to management and research of pre-Hispanic roads, all of them led by specialists who will help those present acquire the necessary training so that this place is not relegated to oblivion, not even by Peruvians. , neither by UNESCO nor by the world in general.